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Building Bridges in Business: Unpacking John Hill's Network Philosophy

Last Updated:
April 10, 2024

In the latest episode of The Relationship Edge, our CEO Ablorde Ashigbi sat down with John Hill, the Chief Evangelist at Techstars. Hill's career has been marked by significant roles at LinkedIn and an ongoing impactful tenure at Techstars. This has shaped him into an expert in professional connectivity; part of his role is discussing the importance of genuine relationships as critical components of success in entrepreneurship and launching new ventures.

John Hill's insights into networking are not just strategies but reflections of a deep-seated belief in the power of connections. His approach is deeply human and inherently focused on giving. "Building quality networks," Hill explains, "creates fidelity for others to navigate them and create opportunity for themselves." This perspective is not just theoretical but a lived experience, as John articulates through anecdotes and reflections on his career trajectory, which impressively hasn't applied for a job in over two decades due to the strength of his network.

A central theme of the conversation is the concept of giving first—a Techstars mantra that John embodies to the fullest. This principle is about contributing to one's network without immediate expectations, fostering an ecosystem of support and reciprocity that benefits all involved. John's stories, notably his seamless transition into Techstars facilitated by relationships nurtured over the years, exemplify the tangible outcomes of this philosophy.

Moreover, John dives deep into the operational side of maintaining a vast network, sharing practical advice that ranges from celebrating professional milestones with direct communication to making thoughtful introductions that add value to both parties. His methodical yet heartfelt approach to networking showcases the balance between processes and genuine engagement, a balance many professionals strive to achieve.

Perhaps the most important takeaway from the episode is John's unwavering emphasis on kindness. In a world that's increasingly transactional, Hill's reminder of the fundamental value of kindness in business relationships offers a refreshing perspective. It's a testament to the idea that professional networks thrive not just on exchanging services or opportunities but on the foundational human principles of care, understanding, and support.

Ablorde's conversation with John Hill is a treasure trove for anyone looking to deepen their understanding of networking's true essence. It's not about just accumulating contacts but about building meaningful relationships that contribute to a larger ecosystem of growth and opportunity.

For professionals at any stage of their career, this episode is an invitation to reevaluate and enrich their approach to building professional relationships.

Listen to this short episode to transform your network into a robust, supportive, and enriching community, one connection at a time.

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Meet The CRM Built For Deal Teams.

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