We Believe Relationships Are at the Heart of Your Business.

So We Built a Platform That Brings Your Network to Life.

The 4Degrees platform identifies the right connections for you to focus on, works with you to strengthen those relationships over time and helps you activate your network when you need it.

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The Relationship Management Platform Built For Relationship-Focused Industries.

A letter from our founder and CEO.

Deals don’t just happen on their own. They happen by building, managing, and scaling relationships.

That’s what David, our co-founder, and I consistently experienced during our years working in consulting and venture capital.

In both industries, what differentiated our firms from the competition was our relationship network. Particularly, how we activated it to source deals, evaluate them, or identify connections that would meaningfully change the trajectory of our portfolio companies.

Despite their importance, these deal-making relationships didn’t really live anywhere.

We usually worked with a set of outdated Excel spreadsheets or clunky CRMs that treated our evolving network as a static database.

This led to countless hours wasted from endless data entry to focusing on the wrong connections due to inaccurate or limited information. (Not to mention the missed opportunities with companies that could have been a perfect match for us.)

That’s why we built 4Degrees.

With 4Degrees, the ability to track and automate workflows unique to the private market space is just the beginning.

Where our platform goes above and beyond is by giving you intelligent tools that provide immediate visibility into your organization’s network, empowering you to uncover new opportunities and nurture key relationships that drive the success of your company.

Whether you’re starting from spreadsheets or looking to level up from your existing systems, we’d love to help you and your team maximize your relationship network potential.

Ablorde Ashigbi

The Core Values That Drive Our Team (and Our Product)

We aim to equalize opportunity by helping organizations from startups to Fortune 500 companies to build and leverage stronger relationships to source, drive and close more deals. This is how we’re doing it.

Feedback as a System, Not an Event.

We don't build features for the sake of building features.
Our customers and their feedback drive our product development. We start and end our weeks with our customers in mind, from weekly meetings covering user feedback to communication channels dedicated to proactively solving for new use cases.

Diverse Is Not Just What We Are, It’s How We Think.

We don't rely on titles, levels, or "the way things are done" to make decisions as a company. We believe diverse inputs lead to better outcomes and to a better product that serves a wider, varied range of individuals.

Better Than Yesterday.

Our team is always striving to focus on the thing that will deliver the highest impact for our customers. When in doubt, we're biased towards rapidly getting something into the world and learning from it. Then we rinse and repeat.

Keep It Human.

This means bringing our full selves to a workplace where we not only share memes but feel comfortable voicing our opinions. We promote the same authenticity within our product by creating opportunities for genuine interactions and avoiding those skewed towards transactional relationships.

Trust Underlies Everything We Do.

Our focus and investment is, and always will be, on our customers’ data security. We are entrusted with precious information, and we pledge to keep that secure above all else.

The Team You Build Is the Company You Build

Ablorde Ashigbi
Ablorde oversees business operations including sales, marketing, business development, and communications.
😜 He’s also been known to throw hammers and eat BBQ.
Chris Fenton
Chris develops new features and improves existing ones to drive innovation at 4Degrees.
🐈 Everyone’s dogs love Chris, but he owns a cat..

Kathryne Dunlap
Kathryne is the front-end engineer at 4Degrees.
👚 She enjoys fluffy dogs, knitting sweaters, and bar trivia.
Sarika Tyagi
Sarika helps our users get set up on the 4Degrees platform and get the most out of it over time.
🥊 She’s an amateur boxer and made it to the semifinals of the 2019 USIBA National Boxing Championship.
Noemi Romero
Noemi helps our customers get the most out of 4Degrees, and also drives much of our QA processes.
DeShawn Armistead
DeShawn guides customers through 4Degrees’ solutions to accurately meet their goals.
🛫 He also enjoys traveling, vegetarian dining and replying to messages using movie quotes.
Patrick Tutu
Patrick is a backend engineer specializing in building highly scalable and robust systems.
⌨️ He's a self-taught drummer and keyboardist
Tony Agyekum Mensah
Tony is a front-end engineer at 4Degrees. He is a problem solver who uses his expertise to create elegant and efficient solutions to enhance the user experience and meet business needs.
👑 He's a movie buff and self-proclaimed king of trivia.