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80%+ of VC and PE deals are sourced from firm networks

100 hours

Streamline your firm's operations with Relationship Intelligence, saving an average of 100 hours / week

4,000+ signals

Unlock 4,000+ new signals with Relationship Intelligence to discover fresh deal opportunities

Ditch the outdated spreadsheets. Skip the generic sales CRMs that take months to implement and onboard.

4Degrees is designed to help you cultivate relationships and streamline your entire deal flow. From securing a warm intro to closing on your next investment.

Relationship Intelligence

Your relationship network is your firm’s most valuable asset. Unlock warm connections and close career-defining deals.

Find your best intro to a company, investor, or industry expert with relationship strength scoring.

Build stronger relationships with alerts that notify you when key connections switch jobs, publish content, or make it on the news.

Keep key relationships from going stale and deals from stalling with intelligent reminders and automatic triggers.


Save hours every week managing deals and fundraises without being stuck with a generic sales tool.

Eliminate hundreds of hours of manual data entry by syncing your email, calendar, and third-party sources (Crunchbase, Pitchbook, etc) to populate your deal and contact records.

Get an immediate snapshot of the status of every deal, and drill down on the details that matter to you.

Generate intuitive, flexible reports that track anything from business development analytics to sourcing data to portfolio KPIs.

Extensions & Integrations

No more switching tabs. 4Degrees plugs into where you work to help you save time, focus better, and engage smarter.

Work directly from your inbox with the Gmail & Outlook extensions

Use the LinkedIn extension to save profiles, work experiences, and back-and-forth messages right on the 4Degrees platform.

The Chrome extension is the ultimate X-ray revealing mutual connections with a potential LP or investment opportunity, directly from the website.

4Degrees for Salesforce​

Your Salesforce is an untapped deal flow gold mine. Unlock it with 4Degrees.

Salesforce + 4Degrees empowers you to

Drive more deals by augmenting your CRM data with relationship intelligence to identify key insights, find warm introductions, and close deals faster. No more asking, “who knows the CEO of this company and can make an introduction.”

Strengthen the ROI of your Salesforce by increasing usage and maximizing the efficiency of your CRM investment.

Keep your finger on your network’s pulse with real-time alerts. Whether it’s job transitions, newly published content, or media appearances, you’ll always stay ahead in engaging your referral sources.

Increase productivity by automating data entry and enriching Salesforce with up-to-date, high-quality data, allowing you to spend more time building relationships and closing deals.

It’s not just about saving time.
4Degrees helps you be a better investor.

Private Equity
Venture Capital

Because the 4Degrees software is essentially built for people in the private equity and family office field, using it has boosted productivity and made the team’s work lives easier. Its easy customization allows users to find information quickly and move on to more important things.

Michael O’Neill
The Great River Company
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“Having everything gathered in one system instead of Various Spreadsheets is much more efficient and has saved us hours. We’ve improved our collaboration within the team across our deal pipeline, and on specific deals we’re pursuing. 4Degrees is also meaningfully changing the way we use and track our own network.”

Edwin Olsson
NEA Partners
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I save multiple hours every week from having to track activity and deal information. We flipped a switch with 4Degrees and got 90-95% of data entry completed about our interactions. 4Degrees has also been very impactful from a sourcing standpoint for us as we proactively go after different targets and look for warm introductions to build those relationships.

Alex Ray
Heritage Group

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