Intuitive, Dynamic Reporting designed for the private markets

Real-Time Snapshots of Your Relationship, Fundraising, and Deal Activities. Powerful Analytics That Help You Uncover Opportunities and Source Your Next Big Deal.

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Accelerate your business development efforts with hard data

Whether you’re raising a fund, driving an M&A process, or closing an investment, the worst misses are the ones you don’t see coming. Our reports help you:

Identify if you’re falling behind on sourcing against your team’s goals

Compare prior months’ performance so you can course-correct

Accelerate deal and LP velocity by visualizing the bottlenecks in your closing process

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Eliminate busy work. Automate weekly meetings with scheduled reports.

Instantly visualize the status of deals and conversations alongside the metrics that matter most. By scheduling auto-generated reports to send at a specific time (like before weekly meetings), you’ll get everyone on the same page without losing hours to repetitive document prep.

Skip the cold outreach. Identify your best sources with a click.

The smarter way to sourcing your next investment? Focusing on the key relationships, areas, and industries that make the biggest impact on your firm’s deal flow.

With 4Degrees reporting, you can identify exactly who and where your best investment opportunities are coming from.

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Built for your industry. Fully customizable by you.

Our flexible reporting lets you get detailed about the trees without losing sight of the forest. Get a meaningful breakdown of your investments with the dynamic use of pivots, aggregated metrics, and more.

Uncover unique insights by pivoting deals by location, industry or any custom field of choice.

Quickly track KPIs (EBITDA, revenue, and other financial metrics) on a per-company basis and in aggregate.

Running due diligence on an investment? Slice your data to produce a report on all industry-specific experts in the relevant location in a couple of clicks.

Smooth, Simple & Easy-to-learn interface

“4Degrees offered a smooth, simple, and easy-to-learn interface that provided a stress-free avenue for staff members to design and build reports.”

Justin Demes
Fuller Road
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Optimize your firm’s most valuable asset - your relationship network - like never before.

The growth of a relationship-driven business is rooted in the interactions you and your team have on a regular basis. Ensure critical firm relationships with referral sources, industry experts and other key contacts don’t go stale with:

Time-based reports that track the number of touchpoints members have on a weekly, monthly, or quarterly basis

Contact reports that help your team stay organized with key relationships and alert them when outreach is overdue

Level up your Productivity

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