Relationship Intelligence

The right warm introduction can change everything.

Use your firm’s relationship network to uncover new opportunities, get warm introductions, and win competitive deals. Powered by relationship intelligence.

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Identify the best path to a company, expert, or investor in seconds. on and off the platform.

Find out who in your team’s network already knows a connection (and who knows them best) with our relationship strength scoring algorithm.

Build stronger connections with impactful people in your industry

Receive real-time alerts that help you build key relationships and source your next deal. Our AI mines the web to surface global intelligence on whether key connections have:

Recently left a job or started a new one

Published new content

Been in the news lately (e.g. for a recent deal transaction)

So you can create meaningful links and nurture new sourcing opportunities in the pipeline.

Supporting Deal Teams Throughout the Deal Lifecycle

“It's intuitive and more affordable than other deal flow management tools. Their pipeline management functionality is second to none. Additionally, their customer support is exceptional”

Michael O'Neill
The Great River Company
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Quickly Connect Others to Talent, Investors, or Experts

Connecting others to the right people can significantly change the trajectory of a business or an investment. 4Degrees makes using your network to help others easier by:

Analyzing the content in your email thread to recommend relevant connections you can make (e.g., making a talent intro or connecting someone to a potential co-investor)

Automatically tagging everyone in your network, so you can filter and send someone a list of industry- or stage-specific connections in seconds

Trusted by hundreds of teams in the private markets.

Uncover opportunities for warm introductions you never knew existed​

Every time someone changes jobs, they’re multiplying their touchpoints. Our platform captures entire work histories to leverage every touchpoint and maximize your opportunities at a warm intro.

Sourcing a potential investment? Quickly identify former & current employees and investors at a company without ever leaving the website when you use the 4Degrees Chrome extension.

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Keep Key Relationships From Falling Through the Cracks

Whenever you travel, 4Degrees will automatically email you a list of relevant connections you can grab coffee with while visiting their city

Make outreach effortless with our intelligent recurring (or one-time) reminders that alert you when it’s time to engage with key connections

Let’s maximize your firm’s most valuable asset: your relationship network

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