Grow your network and move deals forward anytime, anywhere.

Access Your Team’s Network + Deal Flow on Demand. Available in iOS and Android.

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Instantly view every detail on any Deal, LP, or Relationship your team has from anywhere

Going mobile often means getting a limited view of what you see on your laptop (if there’s a view at all). Not with 4Degrees.

Our mobile app provides complete access to your relationship network and deal flows. So you can make fully informed decisions in real-time, wherever you are.

Quickly search for deals and contacts

Stay on top of key outreach with a curated news feed on your firm’s most important relationships and key players in your industry

Keep a close eye on your team’s progress by toggling between deal lists like your LPs or prospective investments (and see every detail under the sun)

Get a full view of your contacts and any data you’d need to map out the next steps, like an updated timeline of your team’s touchpoints with key connections, their work experience, who on your team knows them best, and more

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Move quickly and manage your meetings on the go.

Not every meeting takes place behind your laptop. The 4Degrees mobile dashboard lets you quickly view & edit activities in real time, eliminating any end-of-day admin. See your recent meetings, set reminders for follow-ups, and include any notes to share with the rest of your team in a tap.

No Backlogging. move deals forward while you’re on the move.

Our mobile app makes managing deals, relationships, and tasks as easy as it gets. So you can dedicate a full day of focus to the activities that actually help close deals.

Productive call? Creating (or updating) deals and contacts on your phone is just as seamless as it is on your browser

Attending an in-person event? Upload new contacts automatically using our business card scanning feature

Map out next steps by quickly setting tasks and reminders on a contact, deal, or company level with a push of a button

Making data entry much easier and our practices much more productive

“Using 4Degrees has definitely saved us time, making data entry much easier and our practices much more productive. It has really helped with the relationship side of our efforts as well. The system has proven to be very user-friendly. Collaboration, organization, and timely and effective follow up have all been boosted.”

Justin Demes
Fuller Road
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