Investment Banking CRM Software

Streamline Your Deal Process Without Leaving Your Inbox.

Don’t leave complex transactions – worth millions with dozens of stakeholders – to an assortment of Excel spreadsheets and generic CRM tools.

Our all-in-one relationship intelligence CRM platform is purpose-built for investment bankers to help you organize and optimize each workflow step.

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Trusted by hundreds of teams in the private markets.

Simplify Your Business Development and Deal Management Process.

Drive Business Development

Discover news, funding events, and actionable insights to engage with wealth management teams, private equity firms, other deal flow sources, and potential buyers.

Save time: by leveraging your team’s network to find warm introductions to prospective clients or investors with our relationship strength scoring algorithm.

Build deeper relationships: with deal sources by finding the right opportunities to engage and stay top of mind with real-time network updates and notifications from 4Degrees.

Streamline Your Transaction Process

Handle multiple mandates with distinct pipelines and sync with document management solutions for speedier due diligence.

Customize your deal pipeline views to match your team’s dealmaking workflow. Track every deal’s status and foresee any possible roadblocks.

Make informed data-driven decisions and streamline your pipeline by improving deal visibility with custom, fully sharable, auto-completed deal pipeline reports and dashboards.

Make Your Network Work for You

Identify the right capital providers for each deal - we categorize them by focus areas and gather their prior experience and investments.

Don't lose touch with sponsors and deal flow sources - we provide reminders to maintain client relationships and investor connections.

Mine your team's network to get warm introductions or referrals to management teams, investors, or prospective buyers.

Nurture key relationships and stay top of mind with news, information, and relationship insights

Your Process, Visualized Your Way

Automatically track meetings, emails, company descriptions, prior investors, contact information, team members, client interactions, and deal metrics- from a centralized platform without manual data entry.

Customize your deal lifecycle with the stages and information that match your business development process with minimal data entry.

Assign tasks to deal team members, set reminders, and leverage automation to streamline your workflow and close deals.

Supporting Exceptional Investment Banking Firms, Globally.

“4Degrees is the perfect financial services CRM solution. It has made our pipeline management process more efficient and effective. Its user friendly functionality makes it a great deal flow and relationship management platform that we use hourly.”Lance Dietz

Lance Dietz
KB Partners

Getting Started is Simple:

We integrate with the apps and software solutions you are already using:

Google Drive
Multiple Data Providers
Microsoft Excel
Virtual Data Rooms
And 1000+ other tools via Zapier

Already have a CRM platform?

We integrate with select CRM systems to provide relationship intelligence alongside them. Integration partners include:

Salesforce (and CRMs in the Salesforce ecosystem like Navatar)
Other customer relationship management software (via Zapier or API)

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