Commercial Real Estate CRM

Broker Great Deals & Connections Without Spending Hours on Data Entry.

Get back the hours you spend in spreadsheets and disparate systems that require manual data entry and are only as good as the information you enter.

Upgrade to a relationship intelligence commercial real estate CRM system built to help you streamline your workflows, simplify your deal management, and close deals.

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Trusted by hundreds of teams in the private markets.

The All-in-one Cloud Based Real Estate CRM Platform for CRE Teams

Mine Your Network, Improve Your Prospecting

Streamline prospecting and lead management by identifying and connecting with potential clients or capital providers via referrals by instantly scanning your firm’s relationship networks to determine your best path.

Build stronger relationships with investors, brokerage firms, realtors, and other CRE professionals by finding the right opportunities to engage and stay top of mind with personalized network updates and notifications.

Elevate Your Most Critical Relationships

Get real-time access to news, funding announcements, social media, and other relevant commercial real estate industry content to help your team identify new opportunities.

Save time by automating contact management and enriching contact and company records with high-quality third-party data. This way, you'll spend time on what matters.

Your Deal Pipeline, Visualized Your Way

Pipeline management is tailored for commercial real estate professionals with the information you need to stay on top of deals such as property listings, lease expirations, and other property details.

Visualize your real estate transactions throughout their lifecycle from identification and origination to disposition.

Access real-time dashboards and generate reports to view key metrics and actionable insights to drive deals forward.

Avoid Missed Deliverables and Miscommunication

Assign tasks and reminders, coordinate with your back office teams, and ensure essential follow-ups don't fall through the cracks.

Sync to email marketing & marketing automation tools (e.g., Mailchimp) to send email campaigns to connect with clients, real estate agents, and commercial property managers.

With the 4Degrees mobile app, your team will always be on the same page.

Supporting Commercial Real Estate Professionals, Globally.

“4Degrees offered a smooth, simple, and easy-to-learn customizable interface that provided a stress-free avenue for staff members to design and build reports.”

Justin Demes
Fuller Road
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Getting Started is Simple:

We integrate with the tools and software solutions you are already using:

Google Drive
Multiple Data Providers
Excel (via data upload)
Virtual Data Rooms
Other commercial real estate CRM software (Clientlook, Buildout, etc)
And 1000+ other tools via Zapier

Already have a customer relationship management system?

We also integrate with select CRM solutions to provide relationship intelligence alongside them. Integration partners include:

Salesforce (and Salesforce variants like Navatar)
Other customer relationship management software (via Zapier)

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