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Ana Julia Mezzadri, Director of Investor Relations at VGRI Partners, explains how 4Degrees has improved the firm’s operations and efficiency by organizing deal management, improving deal tracking, and enhancing collaboration.

“4Degrees has been a game changer. Before 4Degrees, we were not capturing all the deal information we needed, and data was getting lost. Its lists and deal-tracking features have streamlined our processes, enabling us to make data-driven decisions and build stronger investor relationships.”

Ana Julia Mezzadri


Before 4Degrees, VGRI relied on Excel spreadsheets and institutional memory to track their relationships and interactions with other firms and potential investors. This scattered and time-consuming approach resulted in data loss, making it challenging to keep track of conversations, meetings, and next steps.


As a result of implementing 4Degrees, VGRI experienced significant improvements in its operations. One of the most notable outcomes was efficient data organization.


VGRI wanted to become a more efficient M&A Investment Bank by keeping track of the team’s relationship networks and ensuring no deals or conversations fell through the cracks.

The Challenge

Prior to implementing 4Degrees, the VGRI team faced challenges managing their day-to-day operations. By relying on multiple Excel spreadsheets and disparate tools to track their relationship networks and interactions with firms and potential investors, it was challenging to keep track of
conversations. Lacking a CRM, Ana Julia and her team spend considerable time searching for information, updating spreadsheets, and fixing data discrepancies.

Without a centralized platform, the team found it difficult to have visibility into who spoke to which firm and what stage the conversations were in, leading to duplicate efforts and missed opportunities.

Additionally, the lack of collaboration and sharing hindered the team’s ability to access and update relevant information about deals and potential investors.

“Before 4Degrees, we were facing significant challenges in managing our data. We had scattered Excel sheets, and it was hard to keep track of investor interactions and deal stages. Important information was getting lost, and we were missing out on valuable opportunities.”

The Solution

The team sought a comprehensive CRM to address their specific challenges in managing their relationship networks and deal tracking. After evaluating several options, they chose 4Degrees for several reasons:

Centralized Data Management: 4Degrees provided a centralized platform to organize all client data and deal-related information, addressing VGRI’s data disorganization challenge and eliminating the need for scattered Excel sheets.

Efficient Deal Tracking: 4Degrees allowed VGRI to monitor and update the progress of each deal, streamlining their workflow and improving the management of potential investors.

Preventing Data Loss: 4Degrees ensured that information from investor interactions was well-documented and accessible, eliminating the risk of data loss and helping the team make more informed decisions.

User-Friendly Interface: The platform’s user-friendly interface made it easy for the team to understand and use. Quick adoption of the platform facilitated a seamless integration into their existing workflow.

Competitive Pricing: 4Degrees offered competitive pricing, which was an essential factor for VGRI, especially considering the exchange rate challenges in Brazil.

Responsive Customer Service: VGRI appreciated the supportive and responsive customer service provided by 4Degrees. The team was readily available to address questions, ensuring a smooth implementation process.

Overall, 4Degrees met the specific requirements as the ideal CRM for VGRI

The Results

As a result of implementing 4Degrees, VGRI experienced significant improvements in its operations. One of the most notable outcomes was efficient data organization. The platform enabled the team to centralize all client data and deal-related information, eliminating the need for multiple Excel sheets and providing a well-structured and easily accessible database.

The platform’s lists and deal-tracking features also proved invaluable for investor tracking. VGRI can now keep a comprehensive record of conversations with potential investors, ensuring no details slip through the cracks.

In summary, 4Degrees had a transformative impact on VGRI, facilitating efficient data organization, enhanced investor tracking, improved team efficiency, and better decision-making.

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