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Leire Mancisidor, Investment Director at Stellum Capital’s Stellum Growth- an investment management firm based in Spain’s Basque Country, explains how 4Degrees has been crucial in launching and managing Stellum Growth- their €150 million private equity fund.

“Although Excel is a great tool, it is error-prone, keeps information siloed, and does not capture your email and calendar information. We needed a central system to store all our contact information so that all our team members could access it in real time. “

Leire Mancisidor


Raising a private equity fund is a challenging task. The team needed the right tools to stay organized and focused on sourcing funding and building relationships with companies.


Stellum capital was looking for a system to effectively manage all their relationships and ensure no deals fell through the cracks but also capable of automating time-consuming manual tasks.


4Degrees has empowered Stellum Capital to be more productive by automating data entry, sourcing more deals, and having real-time visibility into their deal pipeline and workflow.

The Challenge

Recognizing the need for an early-stage private equity fund in Spain’s Basque Country, the founding team at Stellum Capital started setting up their management firm and raising capital for their Stellum Growth fund.

As seasoned investors, they understood that if they wanted to raise multiple funds in the future and source the region’s most promising companies, they had to move away from traditional Excel spreadsheets and implement a purpose-built CRM system to automate manual work and organize their deal flow and contact database.

The Solution

The team at Stellum Capital knew that to launch a brand-new fund, they needed the right technology, including a CRM. But not just any generic CRM that would take months to customize and implement. They were looking for a purpose-built private equity CRM that they could get up and running in days or weeks rather than months.

After doing some research, the team came across 4Degrees, a system that checked all the boxes and had all the requirements Stellum Capital needed. “From a price/benefit perspective, 4Degrees just worked for us”, said Leire Mancisidor, Investment Director at Stellum Capital’s Stellum Growth investment vehicle.

The Results

4Degrees has saved the team at Stellum Capital hundreds of hours they would otherwise spend manually entering data and updating spreadsheets. As a lean team composed of mainly experienced investors, this translates into increased productivity and thousands of dollars saved.

Stellum Capital relies on 4Degrees to handle all its workflow management, from deal flow and communicating with potential investments to reporting and portfolio support.

From a deal management perspective, the team uses 4Degrees to organize their pipeline and keep tabs on every deal’s status. The system’s reporting capabilities have empowered Stellum with answers to questions such as: how many companies have they identified from a specific industry? What stage in the pipeline takes the longest to progress? What is the best source of new deals? Among others.

As Stellum Capital invests in more companies and grows its portfolio, the team is also starting to use 4Degrees to manage its portfolio.

Stellum Capital

Stellum Capital is a fund management company based in Spain’s Basque Country that manages four funds, two venture capital funds and two private equity funds.

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