Why Choose 4Degrees Over Salesforce?

Get full automation + relationship intelligence – without spending thousands of dollars in customizations
Salesforce is a well-known CRM. With thousands of integrations and add-ons, it is an excellent option for sales teams looking for a transaction-oriented CRM.
Compared to 4Degrees, you will spend hundreds of hours and thousands of dollars on consultants, customizations, and managing Salesforce.

‍Already a Salesforce user? Enhance it with enrichment and relationship intelligence capabilities by integrating with 4Degrees.

If you are in the market for a CRM, a dedicated platform like 4Degrees makes more sense.​ Saving you resources and making your team more productive from day one.

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Is an intelligent relationship management platform for deal-driven teams designed from the ground up by former investors.

Our platform identifies the right connections to focus on, works with you to strengthen those relationships over time, and empowers you to activate your network to source new deals, conduct diligence, and support your portfolio companies.

Is one of the best-known CRM platforms on the market.

With its thousands of add-ons and integrations, Salesforce helps businesses of all sizes accelerate sales, automate sales tasks, report on sales activities, and make smarter decisions to grow revenues and provide a better customer experience.

Why Choose 4Degrees?

News + Alerts About Your Network

Is the only platform that combines relationship + deal tracking with intelligence - surfacing when key relationships have changed jobs, made investments, or other key signals to help you source opportunities.


Salesforce does not offer news or alerts about your network.

Deeply Integrated Into Your Workflow

There is no need to change your existing processes; 4Degrees adapts to your workflow.

Instantly see your best connection to a company, add them to a 4Degrees list, or create a new deal directly from a company's website or your Gmail or Outlook inbox.


Requires extensive customization to fit into your firm's unique workflow.

Flexible Transparent Pricing

We charge a flat per user per month subscription fee (monthly, annual or multi-year).

We craft implementation around your needs (including a free option) without the need for external consultants.


offers several tiers + customization to unlock core CRM functionality, making your total cost of ownership unpredictable.

Additionally, using Salesforce often results in throwing away sales and support-related functionality you are still paying for.

Deploy and Onboard Quickly

Start using 4Degrees in days, not weeks.

Our 1-1 training sessions and access to a dedicated customer success manager who will guide you through onboarding and implementation will ensure your team gets the most value from 4Degrees just days after signing a contract.


has a lengthy deployment process that can last months.

Key Features + Capabilities

Deal Flow Management

4Degrees allows you to capture every interaction with your contacts by syncing with Gmail and Microsoft Exchange servers.

Your team can then visualize your deal pipeline in a traditional list view or Kanban style view, keeping you updated on the status of every deal.

Salesforce does not have automated data capture.

Contact Tracking

Contact and organization profile pages are standard in all CRMs.

4Degrees simplifies your workflow by enabling you to add contacts by syncing your email accounts, directly from LinkedIn or by exporting data via a CSV file.

Additionally, all profile page fields on 4Degrees are fully editable to fit your unique needs. Empowering you to customize your CRM experience without external support.

Analytics and Reporting

By having access to pre-configured reporting templates and the option to create custom reports, 4Degrees empowers you with the data you need to understand and streamline your team's performance.

In contrast, creating specialized reports in Salesforce takes considerable time and requires customization work.

Mobile Access

Get work done and strengthen your professional relationships at any time by having access to all your data directly from your phone.

Regardless of what phone you use, both the Salesforce and 4Degrees mobile apps are compatible with Android and iOS. smartphones.


We know you rely on multiple tools to stay on top of your work.

That is why 4Degrees and Salesforce seamlessly integrate with the software you already use, including Slack, Mailchimp, Dropbox, OneDrive etc.

Relationship Intelligence

Find the best path to a warm introduction with relationship intelligence.

4Degrees uses proprietary algorithms to analyze the strength of your relationships and help you identify the best approach to a specific company.

Salesforce does not offer relationship intelligence. By integrating with 4Degrees, you can supercharge Salesforce with relationship intelligence.

Easy to Use

4Degrees has a simple yet powerful User Interface (UI) that is easy to learn.

Instead of spending days or weeks navigating the system, you will become familiarized with the platform in just a few hours.

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Lance Dietz
Principal, KB Partners
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