Why Choose 4Degrees Over Dialllog?

Choose a CRM Built for the Unique Needs of Deal-Driven Teams

Dialllog is a relatively new UK based CRM and deal management tool founded in 2020. Although it focuses on deal-driven teams, Dialllog lacks relationship intelligence—a powerful feature that, when combined with CRM functionality, creates an exceptionally effective tool for deal-driven teams.

To remain competitive, your firm needs more than a basic CRM. Success in the private markets lies in activating and leveraging the power of your relationship networks.

In a world where the strength of your relationships is vital for your firm to source and close deals, you need a system designed to support complex deal flows and manage long-term relationships.

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Is an intelligent relationship intelligence CRM platform for deal-driven teams designed from the ground up by former investors.

4Degrees identifies the right connections to focus on, works with you to strengthen those relationships over time, and empowers you to activate your network to source new deals, conduct diligence, and support your portfolio companies.

Is a web-based CRM founded in 2020; Dialllog focuses on deal-driven teams but lacks several key features essential for their success, including relationship intelligence. While Dialllog addresses some basic CRM needs, it may not have the functionality and industry experience that 4Degrees offers.

Why Choose 4Degrees?

Purpose-Built for Deal Driven Teams

Is built explicitly for dealmakers by dealmakers. Founded by former investors, 4Degrees understands the unique processes, workflows, and the pivotal role relationships play in every step of the deal process.


Is focused on deal-driven teams but lacks the deep industry experience and insight that 4Degrees provides.

Save Time With Automated Enrichment

Automatically enriches and updates records by leveraging third-party datasets (Crunchbase, PitchBook) and data points from your team's emails, meetings, and contacts. This automation saves you hundreds of hours while keeping your database clean and accurate.


Only relies on one dataset, Dealroom, for company-level data enrichment, without enriching contacts.

Deploy and Onboard Quickly

Has a team of experts who understand your industry, enhancing the onboarding process and helping you get started quickly. Additionally, 4Degrees uploads all data during onboarding at no additional cost.


Does not require manual data entry but charges for data uploads if there are more than 50 records. Their support team is based in Europe and does not provide full coverage in other geographic areas.

News + Alerts About Your Network

Combines relationship and deal tracking with contact intelligence, surfacing when key relationships have changed jobs, made investments or other signals to help you source more opportunities.


Does not provide recurring reminders to maintain engagement with key relationships and lacks any contextual information or news about your network.

Flexible Transparent Pricing

Charges a flat per-user per-month subscription (monthly, annual, or multi-year) and crafts implementations around your firm's needs (including a free option).


Pricing and value are not as clearly communicated, making it less transparent and flexible than 4Degrees.

Key Features + Capabilities

Relationship Management

4Degrees supports complex relationship-driven dealmaking with features designed for deal teams.

Dialllog excels at essential CRM functions but lacks the depth for managing long-term, relationship-focused deals.

Relationship Intelligence

4Degrees uses algorithms to analyze the strength of your relationships, helps you find warm introductions, and identifies the best approach to a specific company.

Dialllog lacks any relationship intelligence capabilities.

Data Enrichment

4Degrees extracts data from your email communications, calendar, and meetings while enriching company and deal data with information sourced from third parties, including Clearbit, Crunchbase, and PitchBook.

Dialllog relies on Dealroom for company-level data enrichment and does not enrich contact-level data.

Mobile Access

4Degrees offers mobile access, allowing you to get work done and strengthen professional relationships from your phone.

Dialllog does not have a mobile application, only a web-based version.

Analytics and Reporting

4Degrees provides robust reporting capabilities with pre-configured and custom report options, allowing you to save time and generate recurring reports.

Dialllog has less robust analytics and reporting features, requiring users to spend significant time creating their own reports and dashboards.

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