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October 12, 2023

With competition getting tougher in the private markets, becoming more efficient and building a strong brand is crucial for any firm’s success.

To help make your firm more efficient and punch above its weight, we’re excited to announce 4Degrees Campaigns- a mass email module inside our relationship intelligence CRM platform.

Sending email campaigns directly from 4Degrees empowers you to easily reach out to your network, build your firm’s brand, and further streamline your workflow without paying for a separate email marketing tool and costly integrations.

Save More Time and Build Stronger Relationships

With 4Degrees Campaigns, you can easily select existing 4Degrees lists and send personalized email campaigns without leaving the platform.

Increase engagement by personalizing your emails and adding custom elements, including signatures, images, attachments, and hyperlinks, making the message look like an email sent directly from you. Once a campaign has gone out, you can analyze its performance to see if the message resonates with your audience.

Combining mass email with the power of relationship intelligence will allow deal-driven firms to speed up time-consuming tasks, increase the firm’s visibility and ultimately make you a more efficient investor,” said Ablorde Ashigbi- CEO at 4Degrees.

There are multiple ways teams can leverage Campaigns + relationship intelligence to speed up processes, build relationships and drive new opportunities; here are a few examples.

Venture Capital and Private Equity Use Cases:

Prospecting: Are you looking to get in front of multiple founders to introduce your fund? After segmenting your list based on industry, stage, location, etc., you can send a mass email through Campaigns to introduce your firm and initiate a conversation with the founders or executive team.

Nurture Existing Relationships: As an investor in the private markets, your network is your most important asset, and periodically following up with your connections is crucial to nurturing those relationships. To make following up more efficient, you can automate reminders on 4Degrees to send a check-in email to a specific group of contacts and share updates or interesting content without manually drafting and sending each email individually- saving you hours of manual work.

Engage With Limited Partners: As a general partner, it’s crucial to maintain consistent communication with your LPs throughout the fund’s life. With Campaigns, you can draft a monthly or quarterly email newsletter to share with current and potential LPs to keep them in the loop, share exciting firm news, and build stronger relationships. To make you even more efficient, you can create an LP email template and change the content monthly, quarterly, etc.

Build Your Fund’s Brand: Exposure is essential for success in venture capital and private equity. Being visible and openly sharing value with your network and other business community members differentiates your firm and increases the odds of being part of the best deals.

Email newsletters are a relatively easy and effective medium to demonstrate expertise, share thought leadership, and gain a foothold as a recognized firm in the industry. With Campaigns, sending a newsletter is as easy as selecting a list, writing your content, and clicking send.

Investment Banking and Corporate Development Use Cases

Investment banking firms and M&A teams will significantly benefit from a flexible CRM, relationship intelligence, and email campaign tool in one unified platform. From originating more deals to fostering stronger relationships and building your firm’s brand, here is what relationship intelligence CRM + campaigns can do for you.

Reaching out to Potential Buyers and Sellers: Business Development professionals need to promote their bank’s services to prospective clients and present their client’s company to strategic investors or prospective buyers. By leveraging Campaigns, deal teams can generate a list of prospective buyers, create a custom email template and send out introduction emails and teasers to multiple contacts, streamlining the deal process and significantly reducing workloads.

Staying Top of Mind With Your Network: Sending out regular newsletters to your contact database is a simple yet effective way to share recent updates, announcements, recent wins, closed deals, and other relevant firm news to help your organization stay top of mind and maintain momentum as an industry player.

Differentiate Your Firm and Increase Visibility: Sending periodic content helps your firm differentiate itself in a hyper-competitive market and increase deal flow. Emailing stakeholders a monthly newsletter with curated or internally written content allows your team to showcase its expertise and perspective on a specific segment or industry and position itself as an expert in your field. Email content can include commentary on industry trends, recurring pieces from team members, curated industry content, etc.

Invite Stakeholders to Events: If your firm hosts annual investor meetings, webinars, or other events, you can email invitations to drive attention to the events and encourage contacts to register. This point relates to the one above since in-person events and webinars are effective strategies to differentiate your firm, showcase your expertise and bring in more business.  

See Campaigns In Action

To see Campaigns in action, check out the video below.

Getting Started with 4Degrees Campaigns

If you are a 4Degrees customer, you can save time and build stronger relationships by creating templates and sending mass emails in Campaigns today. If you have any questions, please contact your customer success manager.

If you still are not using our relationship intelligence platform and rely on generic CRMs, please schedule a demo and see 4Degrees in action here.

Meet The CRM Built For Deal Teams.

4Degrees is tailored for the sourcing, relationship, and pipeline activities that drive your business.
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Meet The CRM Built For Deal Teams.

4Degrees is tailored for the sourcing, relationship, and pipeline activities that drive your business.
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