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4Degrees 2021 Year in Review

Last Updated:
October 12, 2023

At 4Degrees, we are constantly listening, learning, and building. By learning from our customers, we strive to create a better product to foster genuine connections and solve the ever-evolving needs of private investors, consultants, and investment bankers.

2021 was a pivotal year for 4Degrees. We partnered with more relationship-driven organizations and added new tools and improvements to empower our customers by leveraging their relationship networks. Let’s look at some of the latest product features we added in 2021.

Deal AutomationsWe believe no deal-maker should have to spend valuable time manually updating deal details on 4Degrees. The time spent + the propensity for data entry errors makes the deals section ideal for automation. With this in mind, we launched the deal automation feature in early 2021. Here is how it works:

Suppose you forgot to manually update a deal’s stage or another attribute within a specific deal list. This oversight can result in miscommunication, team misalignment, or missing a critical deadline. To avoid this, you can create an automation by setting up a condition (when a deal has __ ) and an action (4Degrees will __ ).

For example, when a deal list has no interactions in 10 days, 4Degrees will change the stage to “on hold.” Setting up the right deal automation will save you time and ensure nothing falls through the cracks.

Updated ReportsIt is no surprise data-driven firms outperform those relying primarily on intuition. That is why we’ve updated our reporting section and developed pre-configured templates to give users access to the information and insights they need. These new reports enable investors to uncover trends, identify the best deal origination activities, and monitor portfolio company performance.

If your firm requires a special report not available in our template library, our custom report engine allows users to create various types of reports from your 4Degrees data.

That’s not all! We recognize the immense value data can bring to a firm, so we are in the process of creating a more robust reporting engine. So be on the lookout for new and upgraded analytics features coming in 2022.

Advanced Sharing SettingsAt 4Degrees, we take your privacy seriously. Therefore, we have incorporated advanced sharing settings to allow you to control the level of contact and interaction information you share with the rest of your team.

We understand that you might want only to share specific types of information about your contacts or the interactions you’ve had with your network (meetings, emails, etc.). To achieve this, we’ve designed advanced settings that include four levels of sharing settings for both contacts and interactions—ranging from the most permissive to the most restricted, which hides all the information about a specific contact. This way, you know your private information will remain confidential.

Generic Website ExtensionThe 4Degrees Chrome extension allows you to access the power of relationship intelligence from any website.

Suppose you are in the process of evaluating a company and are searching for contacts within your team’s relationship network that can facilitate an introduction. In that case, the extension can surface all the connections at that particular organization connected to you or your team. To save time, you can also add a deal to 4Degrees directly from the extension without leaving the company’s website.

New and Improved UIWe developed a new and improved product User Interface (UI) by working closely with our customers. This cleaner and easier-to-navigate UI is not only pleasing to the eye but also designed to maximize your productivity by making items easier to read and allowing you to find what you need faster. Below is a glimpse of the new UI.

Strongest RelationshipA common use case for 4Degrees is providing you with visibility into how strong key relationships are across the you team. We do this through relationship strength scoring, which analyzes your communications history with a contact.

For example, when browsing through the companies section of 4Degrees, our new strongest relationship feature identifies your team’s strongest connection to this company. This way, you will always know who in your team can make a warm introduction to that particular company you are trying to engage.

Mobile App UpgradesWith travel, conferences, and events ramping up in 2021, we redesigned and improved our mobile app to offer you full access to 4Degrees from anywhere, whenever you need it—allowing you to have access to your network and be in sync with your team while on the road.

You can experience these new features firsthand by logging into your 4Degrees account.

This year, we will be adding more functionality to the 4Degrees platform to provide you with the relationship intelligence you need to source, manage and close more deals in 2022. If you are not yet a 4Degrees customer, click here to schedule a demo.

Meet The CRM Built For Deal Teams.

4Degrees is tailored for the sourcing, relationship, and pipeline activities that drive your business.
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Meet The CRM Built For Deal Teams.

4Degrees is tailored for the sourcing, relationship, and pipeline activities that drive your business.
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