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Aaron Perman, Principal at S3 Ventures, talks about their steps towards finding an easy-to-use platform to manage deal flow in real-time.

“4Degrees is ingrained in our weekly deal review and other crucial firm processes; we would be in deep pain if we did not have 4Degrees.”

Aaron Perman


Keeping track of multiple deals at different stages became very complex, requiring a vast amount of manual work and data entry.


To find an easy-to-use system that will allow us to manage deal flow information and our network in real-time under one roof.


4Degrees makes our team more productive by ensuring all of our data quality is updated and accurate without having any version control issues.

The Challenge

Keeping track of multiple deals at different points in the pipeline became more complex as S3 Ventures increased its deal flow. Historically, the team at S3 Ventures relied on manually updating multiple statuses and deal attributions scattered across disparate spreadsheets and folders.

This labor-intensive process became very time-consuming and unsustainable as the firm expanded into new investment sectors. The answer was clear; the team needed an easy-to-use and easy-to-maintain platform to manage deal flow and their collective networks in real-time

The Solution

S3 Ventures sought a purpose-built Venture Capital CRM that allowed them to support deals and contacts as seamlessly as possible while adapting their broad investing activities across various sectors. Choosing 4Degrees streamlined meetings, due diligence and increased their ability to maintain updated information of both contacts and deal flow. Ultimately, it enabled the team to be much more efficient when evaluating and comparing deals.

The Results

Perman explains, “4Degrees has increased the speed of being able to log new deals and contacts directly from our inbox, along with helping to populate the CRM with higher quality data. The platform helped us inform our decisions and have a more comprehensive view of our investment opportunities and contacts. We now have regularly updated profiles of deals and opportunities we’re evaluating along with analytics and patterns that build strategy.”

The ease and speed in which the S3 Ventures team can log new opportunities have streamlined their deal flow pipeline workflows, creating a stronger, more agile company.

With all team members having access to 4Degrees, the newly-implemented platform allows for efficient meetings while users simultaneously pull information from the internet, emails, meetings, and fundraising data. In addition, the process is made much more efficient by having an active view of deals and real-time updates of contact profiles, status changes, and even multiple deal attributes.

With 4Degrees, the S3 Ventures team makes the most of their travel by automatically identifying key contacts to meet with and companies to visit on upcoming trips.

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